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We supply Live Crickets
in various sizes
and quantities

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Newman's Fish Foods Site Map

Feeder Food for Fish: We area wholesale pet store supplier of feeder fish including goldfish and guppies nation wide.

Small Animals: We provide small animals for pet stores nation wide including rabbits, ferrets and mice.

Live Food: We provide a wide arrange of live food for all pets large and small.

Frozen Fish Food: Our frozen food inventory includes: brine shrimp, tubifex, silversides, prawn and rodents.

Dry Goods: We supply a wide range of dry food for all caged pets.

Aquatic Products: We provide a wide arrange of aquatic products from coral reefs to live plants.

Live Food for Reptiles: From mealworms to live crickets our live reptile food will be delivered healthy, clean and disease-free.

Live Worms: We provide a wide arrange of all feeder worms from mealworms, butterworms and wax worms.

Contact Us: Contact us for all of your wholesale pet store needs.

About Us: Newman’s Fish Foods is an aquatic, reptile and small animal distributor serving retail pet stores, garden centers, aquariums and other retail facilities nation wide.

Site Map A list of all of our fish, reptile and small animal foods we provide pet stores national wide.


Newman's Fish Food has an extensive inventory